Endorsement from Michael Pearlman

From Michael Pearlman:

Nathan, I just connected with the link to the actual podcast site of our interview and I wanted tell you I just did not fully appreciate the scope and extent of your wonderful introduction to the podcast.  http://www.write4life.us/2013/05/jt007-ootww/

You covered in such glowing and heartfelt way the elements of the program and frankly in a language that was completely articulate and user-friendly as it offered to me a more effective way to describe and present this journaling approach.

Nathan, you are a gifted writer!

I am in awe and incredibly grateful for your reaching out and partnering with me and this project, Nathan.

I look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.

With much appreciation,

Michael Pearlman, M.D.

‘A direct path to Self-realization for those willing to reveal their thinking, re-frame it and transform their lives.’

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