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Journaling for Passion, Clarity & Purpose!

A twelve-week e-workshop with Nathan Ohren, journaling coach.

Our next course begins March 30, 2013 with a kick-off conference call (11:00 a.m. Pacific Time) hosted by journaling coach, Nathan Ohren.  Nathan is the host of Journal Talk, bi-weekly podcast about all things journaling.  


101 Reasons to Write a Journal

An inspiring 77-page listing of reasons and amazing stories. (PDF format)

Course Price: $50.00 $25 (for a limited time!)

Register by March 15th, and receive a FREE COPY of 101 Reasons to Write a Journal, by Sam Lytle.

Course Description:  “Journaling for Passion, Clarity & Purpose”

This twelve-week journey is for beginners or avid journal-keepers.  In the first six weeks, students are encouraged to create a discipline of daily, hand-written entries, identify and explore daily thoughts, feelings, judgements, and opinions.  Emphasis is placed on stream-of-consciousness journaling, and learning to identify and thank the inner critic.  In the following six weeks, students are encouraged to (re)discover and explore what matters most, becoming experts in noticing the ordinary and mundane for depth and insight.  Topics covered:  Forgiveness, courage, clarity, and more.  The journal is a perfect place to vent, troubleshoot, plan, dream, and connect with our higher selves.  Journaling is a doorway to our transformation and personal growth.  

Course Materials

Journal Notebook


A pen, a notebook, the willingness to be honest with yourself, and to know yourself are the only requirements for this course.  Nathan, your journaling coach, will also recommend additional resources, reading materials, tips, and references to enrich your journey.  A calendar of weekly conference calls is made available so you can get up-close and personal training.  A private page on Facebook is also available for those who want a bulletin board or “journaling circle” to communicate with others in the course.


Course Instructor


For twenty-seven years, Nathan Ohren has experienced the power of personal growth and development through journaling:  Getting clarity and confidence during challenging life experiences; Connecting to life’s passions and creativity; Uncovering buried or abandoned goals and dreams; and Keeping ever-mindful of a guiding purpose in life.  After completing boxes of private journals, each with compelling stories of anguish and ambition, of trials and triumph, of shame and insight, Nathan decided it was time to share this transformation with others.


Course Price: $50.00  $25 (for a limited time)

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