100 Word “Flash Memoirs”

I used to be overwhelmed by the thought of all the work involved in piecing together the bits of my life into something interesting for the public. Characters. Plot development. Themes and sub-plots. Point of view. Do I flash-back or flash-forward? But when I learned about Flash Memoirs the story started writing itself. 

Each day, I write just one mini-story: a 100-word piece, inspired by a memory or one highlight on my timeline. Flash-Memoirs are to an autobiography what Haiku are to poetry.  Click here for an example!

One thought on “100 Word “Flash Memoirs”

  1. Kathy Lynch

    Flash Memoirs is a great concept on so many levels. The potential to create with it is entertaining, current, therapeutic, achievable (for someone like me to begin) interesting, cutting edge. Thank you for sharing this. Love the concept. 100 words is shorter than one may visualize at first but is just right for sharing, and building into a complete theme or story, 100 words at a time.


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