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Dream Journaling and Lucid Dreaming

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This course is now open for registration, and will begin on October 6th for six weeks, until November 17th 2013.  The course is designed to support a daily journaling practice, with special inquiry into the nature, the meanings, and the ability to tap into your nighttime dreaming life.  Weekly conference call sessions are hosted by journaling coach, Nathan Ohren.  Nathan is the host of JournalTalk, bi-weekly podcast offering expert advice and inspiration for personal journaling.


Course Materials and Weekly Conference Calls (Sunday Nights, or as-scheduled) will empower you to remember, record, and understand your nighttime dreams.

Testimonial from past student: “I have had a first hand experience with Nathan’s coaching about Dream Journaling and let me tell you, it is one of the best things that has happened to me. I was initially skeptical about this course. I even tried to convince Nathan that I didn’t dream!  But slowly and surely, I am now more present to my dreams and exploring the dream world has opened up new possibilities for me. I highly recommend this course to everyone. Go for it!!!”  — Paras M.

A few Scholarships are available for this course. Please fill out our application.

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Course Description:  “Dream Journaling”

This six-week advanced journaling e-Workshop is for three audiences:  (1) those who do not remember their dreams once awakened, but want to learn how, (2) those who want to understand their dreams for greater self-awareness and personal growth, and (3) those who want to learn how to induce their favorite dreams, and explore lucid dreaming.  Throughout the course, students are encouraged to keep a daily (or nightly!) journaling habit by writing out their dreams in detail.  During weekly conference calls, journaling coach Nathan Ohren teaches techniques for capturing, controlling, and understanding even the strangest of dreams.  Why does your fourth grade teacher show up in a scene when you are late for work because elephants are walking across the freeway offramp?  If dreams are the messages from our subconscious mind, why not learn how to decipher and interpret them?  And, is it really possible to alter the content of your dreams by teaching yourself to become aware when you are in the middle of a dream?


Course Materials

Journal Notebook

A pen, a notebook, and a “Dream Totem” are the only requirements for this course.  (We’ll discuss the Totem in Week #2.)  If you’re a person who doesn’t usually remember your dreams, you’ll enjoy the techniques shared!

In addition to daily journaling, you will be encouraged to explore fun homework assignments, tips, “reality tests”, and exercises to enrich the awareness of your dream life.  A calendar of weekly conference calls is made available so you can get personalized training.  A private page on Facebook is also available for those who want a bulletin board or “journaling circle” to communicate with others in the course.


Course Instructor


For twenty-eight years, Nathan Ohren has experienced the power of personal growth and development through journaling:  Getting clarity and confidence during challenging life experiences; Connecting to life’s passions and creativity; Uncovering buried or abandoned goals and dreams; and Keeping ever-mindful of a guiding purpose in life.  After completing boxes of private journals, each with compelling stories of anguish and ambition, of trials and triumph, of shame and insight, Nathan decided it was time to share this transformation with others.


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