Look Back, then Look Forward...

Using Your Journal for Support and Guidance Through Times of Transition

A reservoir of guidance and support is available anytime, anywhere.

Learn to access your internal GPS!

  • Celebrate engagements, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, or other important milestones with greater intention.
  • Moving? Changing jobs? Expecting a baby? Contemplating divorce? Tap into your inner wisdom for peace and guidance through important decisions.
  • Experiencing (or preparing for) stress, grief or loss? Learn to find inner resources of comfort and support.
  • Get tools for developing your intuition and know-how in any life transition!

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Access a Wealth of Internal Resources During Any Transition.

Life is change. The biggest factor determining whether your changes are positive or negative is how you respond.

Audio Workbook with Activities

Receive a free audio workbook, and daily exercises for accessing your inner wisdom. Learn to recognize and listen to your internal support system. 

Planning and Brainstorming

You'll learn techniques for identifying valid options, and weighing alternatives for action. 

Courage and Resilience

Gain confidence in dealing with difficult people and circumstances. Recover gently from stress, grief, loss or tragedy.

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